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About Young Entrepreneur’s Studio

“Helping youths to find the way out” is the administrative focus of the Executive Yuan, assisting young entrepreneurs in their dreams, promoting employment and strengthen our industrial competitive advantage by relevant policies and loosening regulations. Hsinchu Science Park Bureau cooperates with the Ministry of Science and Technology’s “From IP to IPO Program” to foster youth entrepreneurship, and plans the “Young Entrepreneur’s Studio” field at the Si-Soft Research Center. It provides independent office and open space for teams also provides guidance from accounting, legal, technical, and operational strategies to accelerate entrepreneurial dynamism. Through the establishment of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Area, and the opening ceremony of Young Entrepreneur’s Studio, the team will be united to strengthen the recognition of the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. In order to assist the new team to raise venture capital, the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau also arranged the results of the new company’s achievements in the event and made a funded briefing with Angels and Venture Capitals to increase team exposure and visibility and accelerate the development of new ventures.
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