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  The Science Park Bureau is composed of six divisions--Planning, Investment, Environmental Protection and Safety, Business, Construction Management, and Land Development, as well as four offices—Secretariat, Personnel, Accounting, and Civil Service Ethics. Working together, these units do their best to provide tenant companies with top-tier infrastructure and comprehensive one-stop services. They are also committed to making available most up-to-date R&D mechanisms and frameworks for cooperation across industries, academia, and research institutions.

  (The Bureau is authorized to offer all necessary services for Park tenants)


  i. Planning Division
dot Overall Planning Section
(1) Affairs related to the planning, research and evaluation of the park's development goals and strategies;
(2) Affairs related to devising and enforcing plans with regard to the park's overall operating environment;
(3) Affairs related to studying and setting general-purpose laws and regulations applicable to the park;
(4) Affairs related to setting key gauges for measuring development of the park;
(5) Drafting and management of administrative policies and performances;
(6) Affairs related to coordination and promotion or important projects assigned by higher authorities;
(7) Affairs related to tracing and evaluation of routine work or projects;
(8) Affairs related to estimating and compiling the Bureau’s annual budget;
(9) Affairs related to promotion of administrative service re-engineering and civil services innovation;
(10) Management of Science Park Operation Fund.
dot Industry-Academia Cooperation Section
(1) Encouragement and management of Science Park R/D related affairs;
(2) Planning and advancing industry-academia cooperation and professional training;
(3) Sponsoring and hosting seminars and lectures on science and technology development and management;
(4) Affairs related to research projects either undertaken by the Bureau itself or consigned to other entities;
(5) Coordinating with parties concerned about schooling for children of park employees;
(6) Compiling the park's various quarterly reports and official statistics.
dot Fund Management Section
(1) Compilation of Annual Budget of the Park's Operation Fund;
(2) Fiscal Planning of the Park's Operation Fund;
(3) Operation and Fiscal Analysis of the Park's Operation Fund;
(4) Compilation of Affairs of the Park Operation Fund's Management Committee and the Supervisory Committee.
ii. Investment Division
dot Investment Services Section
(1) Introduction of science and technology ventures as park tenants;
(2) Evaluation of investment applications and plans proposed by tenant companies regarding production, markets, finance, plant
      construction, etc.;
(3) Evaluation of applications for start of business, technical cooperation, capital increases and/or capacity expansion, capital
      decreases, investment withdrawals, mergers, etc. and other investment-related matters;
(4) Responding to queries about investment and technical cooperation projects and signing the pertinent contracts;
(5) Collecting or pressing for investment deposits; assessing investment projects after their completion;
(6) Setting quota for investments by overseas Chinese and foreigners;
(7) Evaluation of applications by science and technology ventures for government investment;
(8) Compilation and analysis of data and statistics with regard to investment and technical cooperation projects;
(9) Affairs related to organizing meetings of the park's Supervisory Committee, including compiling proposals and keeping records;
(10) Any other investment-related matters outside the jurisdiction of other units of the Bureau.
dot Business Promotion Section
(1) Promoting the park's cooperation with the international community;
(2) Participating in international groupings of science parks;
(3) Hosting domestic and foreign visitors and providing consultation services to help solicit investments and further promote the image
      of the park;
(4) Undertaking propaganda and advertising campaigns to help solicit investments and further promote the image of the park;
(5) Organizing conferences and exhibitions to help solicit investments and further promote the image of the park;
(6) Consigning the operation and management of the park's various promotional centers (e.g. display centers and consultation
      service centers);
(7) Affairs related to applications by Mainland Chinese professionals to engage in business activities at the park;
(8) Sponsoring courses on sharing the park's development experiences;
(9) Any other propaganda-related matters intended to help solicit investments and further promote the image of the park.
dot Industrial Economics Analysis Section
(1) Domestic and foreign science park related economic and technology industry trend analysis;
(2) Present tenant business operation analysis;
(3) Promotion of science park innovation industries and cutting-edge ventures;
(4) Promotion and development of science park industry incubation;
(5) Other related science park industry analysis and promotion of incubation affairs.
iii. Environmental Protection and Safety Division
dot Labor Administration Section
(1) Giving guidance to tenant companies with regard to labor relations and relevant sanction affairs;
(2) Science Park labor related laws drafting/amendment and collection of amendment opinions;
(3) Promotion and consultation of labor related laws and coordination of labor management disputes;
(4) Giving guidance to labor organizations of tenant companies;
(5) Serving as a liaison to the park's business groups;
(6) Giving guidance to tenant companies with regard to pension affairs and related sanction affairs;
(7) Giving guidance to the employee welfare committees of tenant companies and related sanction affairs;
(8) Giving guidance to tenant companies with regard to sexual equality affairs and related sanction affairs;
(9) Serving as a liaison to tenant companies with regard to deferred calls and alternative military services to engage in R&D duties;
(10) Serving as a liaison to tenant companies with regard to employment services;
(11) Planning and undertaking recreational and sports activities at the park;
(12) Supervising and managing operations of the Recreation Center and Duxing Hall;
(13) Other Science Park labor administration related affairs.
dot Labor Inspection Section
(1) Undertaking labor inspection at tenant companies and construction projects;
(2) Managing vocational safety and hygiene at tenant companies and construction projects;
(3) Undertaking personnel training for tenant companies and construction projects with regard to vocational safety and hygiene;
      propagating pertinent laws and decrees;
(4) Examining machinery with a tendency to pose danger that is newly installed at tenant companies or construction projects;
(5) Reviewing and examining dangerous workplaces at the park;
(6) Promoting ways to help boost labor heath at the park;
(7) Compiling and analyzing statistics on occupational accidents at tenant companies;
(8) Supervising operations of the Science Park Clinic;
(9) Other Science Park vocational safety and health related affairs.
dot Environmental Protection Section
(1) Total emission amount control related affairs of Science Park industrial wastes;
(2) Planning and management of operations related to environmental protection at the park;
(3) Reviewing proposals for the prevention and control of water pollution and stationary pollution sources establishment and operation
     as well as waste disposal;
(4) Sanction and management of waste recycling and reuse of tenant companies;
(5) Prevention and control of water pollution, air pollution, noise and vibration, soil pollution, and groundwater pollution at the park;
(6) Operating, supervising and maintaining the park's waste treatment sites and sewage systems;
(7) Planning, operation and management of Science Park’s sewage system;
(8) Monitoring, inspecting and analyzing the park’s environmental quality, as well as undertaking information management;
(9) Other Science Park environmental protection related affairs.
iv. Business Division
dot Business Administration Section
(1) Company and factory registration of tenant companies;
(2) Affairs related to consulting and transcription of tenant company business registrations;
(3) Record-keeping for certification and issuance of equities and bonds by tenant companies;
(4) Registration of chattel secured transactions and trust possession at the park;
(5) Issuing tax deductions certificates for tenant companies;
(6) Reviewing applications of service industries at the park;
(7) Drafting administrative measures or regulations related to miscellaneous business affairs at the park; presenting proposals on
(8) Reviewing financial statements of tenant companies; compiling annual reports on financial analysis and reports on operational
(9) Conducting surveys on the operations of tenant companies and analyze related statistics.
dot Security and Protection Section
(1) Reviewing the employment of foreign technicians by tenant companies;
(2) Planning and undertaking emergency measures intended for accidents or disasters at the park;
(3) Upkeep of data regarding human resources at the park; compilation of monthly statistics;
(4) Preserving the park’s overall safety; liaising with military and local police;
(5) Organizing and training civil defense groupings;
(6) Serving as a liaison for the annual Wan-An Air Raid Drill;
(7) Liaising with park’s Police Brigade;
(8) Managing the park’s access control; installing road blocks and the like;
(9) Collaborating with security guards at the park;
(10) Affairs related to electronic security and monitoring systems as well as emergency telephone systems at the park;
(11) Upkeep of alarms at the park;
(12) Liaising with branches of regulatory authorities for various lines of business stationed at the park;
(13) Giving guidance and managing logistic operations at the park;
(14) Overseeing the Warehousing and Shipping Center’s transfer to private operators;
(15) Collecting management fees from tenants of the General Services Building after giving them prior notice.
dot Trade Services Seciton
(1)Examining the import/export licensing documents of tenant companies;
(2) Licensing and examining imports and exports by tenant companies;
(3) Compilation and analysis of statistics on trading activities of tenant companies;
(4) Determining and collecting fees for issuing certificates of origin under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) to tenant
(5) Issuance of certificates of origin under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) to tenant companies;
(6) Drafting measures related to bond and external trade and liaising with parties concerned when necessary;
(7) Affairs related to control of high-tech exports by tenant companies;
(8) Management fee report of tenants, examination and statistics analyses of reported revenue.
(9) Other matters related to trades, bonds, and management fee related affairs.
dot SiSoft R&D Center
Installing an R&D platform for design services and technologies conducive to SoC products.
dot Fire Brigade
Safeguarding safety of tenant companies and institutions/agencies at the Hsinchu Science Park; preventing accidents or even disasters from taking place; undertaking relief and rescue duties in the event of an emergency.
v . Construction Management Division
dot Planning Section
(1) Undertaking design of construction projects meant for the Hsinchu Science Park, Jhunan Science Park, Tongluo Science Park,
      Longtan Science Park and Yilan Science Park;
(2) Serving as a liaison for the supply of electricity, tap water, natural gas and nitrogen, as well as telecom links to the park;
(3) Reviewing water and electricity use planned by tenant companies;
(4) Giving guidance to tenant companies with regard to water conservation and electricity safety;
(5) Issuing certificates to electricians who are to work at the park;
(6) Compiling the annual budget;
(7) Other miscellaneous duties assigned to the Construction Management Division.
dot Construction Section
(1) Supervising construction projects at the Hsinchu Science Park, Jhunan Science Park, Tongluo Science Park and Longtan
      Science Park;
(2) Inviting tenders, signing contracts and keeping track of ongoing projects;
(3) Enforcing control of spending on projects in accordance with their budget;
(4) Maintaining and managing the park’s Geographic Information System (GIS);
(5) Receiving and dispatching official documents.
dot Traffic and Public Facilities Maintenance Section
(1) Traffic control at the park;
(2) Parking management at the park;
(3) Initiation of shuttle buses and coordination with related parties for ushering in public transport to the park;
(4) BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) of towing services aimed at illegal parking;
(5) Installation, maintenance and management of traffic markings, lines and signs;
(6) Coordination for and promotion of projects designed to facilitate the park’s external links;
(7) Issuance of permits for road excavation at the park;
(8) Issuance of permits for road occupation at the park;
(9) Infrastructure maintenance;
(10) Maintenance of public buildings;
(11) Upkeep of tap water and electricity facilities, elevators, air conditioners, and fire-fighting equipment at public buildings;
(12) Coordination with related parties for the control of construction projects that may hamper or undermine infrastructure facilities.
dot Senior Specialist
Responsible for other special projects and the granting of subsidies for construction projects at the local communities.
vi. Land Development Division
dot Land Administration and Leasing Section

(1) Procurement and expropriation of private land at the park;
(2) Allocation of state-owned land at the park;
(3) Affairs related to land administration at the park;
(4) Compilation of the park’s land cadastre;
(5) Registration and management of ownership of land and buildings at the park;
(6) Filing tax returns and making payments for the lease of land, plants and residential units at the park; affairs related to the
      insurance for park buildings;
(7) Setting and adjusting the rentals for land, plants and residential units at the park;
(8) Readjusting workflows for the lease and management of land, plants and residential units at the park, as well as those for
      collecting and pressing for rentals;
(9) Expropriation/procurement and sale of buildings at the park;
(10) Any other matters related to land development outside the jurisdiction of other units of the Bureau.

dot Construction Licensing Section

    (1) Drawing up and sanction of science park establishment projects, master plan initiation, and related plans drafting;
    (2) Review and amendment of science park urban plans and non-urban land areas;
    (3) Sanction of urban plans, land use control, and construction management;
    (4) Check and examination of science park building lifting facilities and mechanical parking facilities;
    (5) Check and recheck of science park building safety facilities;
    (6) Other matters related to land management and construction management affairs.

dot Landscape and Cleaning Section

(1) Maintenance of the science park landscape and cleanliness;
(2) Sanction of landscape portion of urban plans;
(3) Review and sanction of landscape-related license issuance for science park building construction, use, demolition, as well as
     miscellaneous licenses;
(4) Affairs related to sponsorship of park areas and green zones at science parks;
(5) Science park public art work establishment;
(6) Prevention and control of science park pests and diseases;
(7) Sanction of science park advertising/temporary advertising, objects;
(8) Sanction of outdoors science park venues..

dot Cleaning Squad
    (1) Science park general waste cleaning affairs;
    (2) Science park environment disinfection affairs.
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