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Once approval for entry into the Park, investors should pay 0.3% of the approved investment capital as deposit. The mentioned deposit will be returned without interest when the investment project finishes.


i. Facilities of standard factory
(1) Equipments: Toilets, kitchens, emergency alarm system, lighting system, and a passenger-cargo duel use elevator with a load
     capacity of 1500 Kgs.
(2) Frequency: 60Hz
(3) Voltage: 110 volts, 220 volts, 380 volts, or other.
(4) Specific design of biomedical fabs: the fabs are allocated with pipelines integrating water, power, wastewater, and air conditioning
     supply facilities and each fab unit possesses individual pipeline system to avoid pollution.

ii. Self-built factory should meet the following requirements:
(1) Floor area ratio 40%~70%, building bulk ratio 200%~330%.
(2) If the building is located by roads, a distance of 6, 8, or 20 feet should be reserved for open green space depending on
(3) Total number of parking units is equal to the total parking area/112.5m2/car.
(4) The parking units can not be paved completely with tar nor concrete.
(5) No asbestos, simplified rigid frame nor simplified steel plate are allowed to use for building materials.
(6) Design and color of the building should be in coherence with the surrounding buildings or environment.
(7) Air-raid shelter apparatus (underground shelter) should be setup according to law (Regulations Governing Air-raid Shelter
     Apparatus Management and Maintenance.)

iii. Incubator
(1) Each Park tenant can rent one unit of space.
(2) Restricted to R&D and office use.

iv.Regulations regarding floor area ratio, building coverage ratio, gates setting, parking units setup, etc. are based on Regulations Governing Science Park Land Use Guidelines.

  i. Company registration fee for both new registration and capital increase registration is 0.4% of the capital of new investment or
   invest increase or NT$1000 if a case is less than NT$1000.
ii. Company Change Registration Fee: NT$1000
iii. Duplication fee of Company Change Registration: NT$110. For applying more than 2 copies in one time, the fee is NT$100 per
    copy starting from the second copy.
iv. Company qualification certificate fee: Chinese certificate is NT$110 per copy, for applying more than 2 copies in one time, the fee
    is NT$10 per copy starting from the second copy. English certificate is NT$600 per copy, for applying more than 2 copies in one
    time, the fee is NT$100 per copy starting from the second copy.
v. Factory establishment/change registration fee: NT$5000/3000(License fee for both establishment or change is NT$2000)
vi. Construction permit fee; 0.1% of construction costs
vii. Building use certificate fee: NT$200
viii. Electric technician personnel establishment/license change fee: NT$600/300
ix. Foreign personnel employment permit fee: NT$500 per case.
x. Dangerous machineries and instruments inspection fee: for companies with dangerous machineries or instruments, please apply to
    the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau or relevant agencies for examination before use, the fee follows the Charging Standard for
    Various Inspection on Dangerous Machineries or Instruments). Fee for annual inspection in the future will follow the mentioned
xi. Fees for examination and certificate of water pollution prevention measures and plans, industrial waste cleaning plans, stationary
    pollutant sources setup and operation approval, etc. are based on standards and regulations released by the Environmental
    Protection Administration.
  For maintenance of Park environment, infrastructures, public facilities, security systems, etc., the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau will charge park enterprises a management fee bimonthly based on 0.19% of bimonthly income minus allowable deductions. For companies without revenue, the management fee is charged based on the land and standard factory used. (Related regulations please refer to the website of the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau http://www.sipa.gov.tw).
  NT$1.22~4.26 per degree (depending on use amount and period of uses).
  NT$7~11 per degree (according to amount of water used). Water use amount is recorded monthly. Users larger than 50 tons/month are charged with 11.5 NTD/m3.
  To prevent water contamination at the Park and to maintain the water treatment systems, the sewer use fee shall be collected in accordance with the “Regulation for the Use and Management of Wastewater Treatment and Sewage System in a Science Park”.
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