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i. Category of Science-based Industries refers to limited corporations, their branches, or other business entities established under the Company Law in Taiwan or foreign corporations or branches with equivalent status. The investment project should comply with industrial development policy of Taiwan and employ or cultivate local technologies or engineers, where at least 5% of turnovers are requested to engage in R&D expenses. The investment project shall not profess any public hazards.

ii. Industry categories defined as science-based industries include the following entities:

• Integrated Circuits (IC)
   IC industry is currently the largest industry at the Hsinchu Science Park, which comprises SIP design, IC design, SoC design, photo-
   mask manufacturing, wafer manufacturing, IC material, 3D IC and SiP packaging and testing, process of manufacturing equipments,
   and peripheral industries.

• Computer and Peripherals
   Computer and peripherals industry covers a wide range of products, e.g. micro-computing systems, storage devices, input and
   output devices, cloud computing, IoT, network devices, special software, AI, IoT, digital products, key electrical and mechanical
   components, etc.

• Telecommunications
   Telecommunications industry includes; telecommunications transfer devices, wireless telecommunications systems, relevant
   semiconductor components, fiber-optic systems and components, and satellite communication systems, high performance
   semiconductor lasers, etc.

• Optoelectronics
   Optoelectronics industry is the second largest industry at the Park at present, which includes panel displays and components, e.g.
   TFT LCD/LTPS TFT-LCD/PDP/OLED panel display units, etc., laser disk drives, electronic paper, solar cell, lithium batteries, fuel
   cell, high-level digital camera, Li-battery, LED, visual sensors, opto-electronic semiconductors, optical diodes, and optical systems
   and components, e.g. optical instruments and lenses.

• Precision Machineries
  Precision machinery industry includes automatic systems, e.g. PC-based NC controller, robots, high pressure cutting system, factory
  information automation systems, etc., automatic components, e.g. precision gear cutting tools, server motors, surface treatment
  processes, etc., semiconductor manufacturing equipment, LCD devices, electric vehicle motors, precision gears, etc.

• Biotechnology
   Biotechnology industry includes new drug development biochip, stem cell kits, vaccine reagents, medical control patches, medical
   apparatus, 7- aminocephalosporanic acid, seedling, advanced biomedical materials, spine implant micro invasive surgery, advanced
   biomedical materials, CRO (Contract Research Organization), inspection authentication services, etc.

iii. Other enterprises established to support operation, management, or technical services of certified science-based industries at the

iv. Besides aforementioned Park enterprises, research centers and incubators can also apply for operation at the Park.
    Incubators are confined to research proposes only and residence period shall not exceed three years.

  The Ministry of Science and Technology of the Executive Yuan establishes the Park Supervisory Committee to direct Park planning,management, and relevant issues. The Park Supervisory Committee is also responsible for screening of Park investment applications. The Hsinchu Science Park Bureau is established by the Ministry of Science and Technology to execute operation and management affairs at the Park and to provide Park enterprises with a wide variety of services.
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